Friday, May 30, 2008

Nice day normal day, R san called to my mobile phone in morning time.
then we got meeting at Hermannplatz.

いつもの様に Rさんが電話をしてきて ハーマンプラッツで待ち合わせ。

then, we woundering around Kreuzberg and Neukoellen with a few purpose.


like this..

after finishing that purpose, we go to his store "Rumpsti Pumpsti".

目的の後 彼の店“ルンプスティ プンプスティ”へ。


Hof of his store..
(I could not make good photo of store today,.. bad technic.. fu... try it next day..)



then, customary storefront sunbathing.


wow, it is U-bahn(U1/Subway)! that runs on the ground. ;-)

地上を走っている地下鉄 U1!

then, blah blah- furahfurah- arah-- jah---

だらだら 話して 帰宅

then, back to home. and, I took this photo! ;-)


romantic! like birds! but its really bad photo technic..
ロマンチックー、鳥みたい! 手、震えるわぁー・・

oh, our purpose was - looking for magic tape mainly!
Magic tape it is!