Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Club mate and Festsaal

今日はコットブッサー トアーにあるフェスト サールへ友達のコンサートを見に行った。
I went to see to friend's concert in Kottobussor tor at Festsaal Kreuzberg.

Club mateはベルリンでは御馴染みのカフェイン入りジュース。
Before concert, we bought this brinks.
I bought spezi as 1st time to get to me.
also my friend bought Club mate, Club mate is familier in berlin.


今日ライブだった友達のアレックスさん AKA Krubeさん。
this is Mr Alex aka Krube who was playing concert today.

こちらもライブだったParabellesさん、ウーちゃん(右), ドリーンちゃん(左)。
This is Parabelles。 Ute(Right)and Doreen(Left).
They was also playing today too.

彼らの他、Consumer Electronicsさん(Phillip Best / Whitehouse)
also there is playing Consumer Electronics and Heat sick too.


淡々とライブも終わり、会場の電気も消されて 追い出される形で 外へ。
で、ペラペラ話して 眠たくなって帰宅。
also, Hanayo were come there too, also we talked about Takoyaki store in Berlin shortly.
as blahblah style with high potential :^)
and The concert ended indifferently, we had to go out from festsall as light down..
then, we walked walked walked little bit to park.
(i also bought IceCream/Cui taste before the park. )
We continue to talking in that park, park, talking park,.
then back to home.

then back to home.,

oh.. it is morning! eeeeeeeeee------eeeeeeeeeeeeee------
I want to write about friend who played today in other day at this blog.


Jet moring good night!