Friday, October 24, 2008

気合 kiai.!. hena-----m

now i came back from fabien raionbash's party. was fun.
also Antonie Chessex's live were nice.

yesyes, ill go on tour from tomorrow yes, its today. yahoo---!!
still securityhight p is weird,. but,. humm.. hope all will be cool..
tomorrow koln show.
looking forward to see them.

っと、 友達のパーティから今帰宅。
明日はケルン。 あ、もう今日だわ。

2年ぶりの再会。 果たしてセンセーショナルはEuropeに入国出来るのだろうか…。
楽しみ。 嬉しい!