Saturday, May 31, 2008

Romance of Three Kingdoms

80年代初頭にNHKで放送されていた 人形劇 三国志。
そのEDの曲 三国志ラブ テーマが2日ほど前から頭の中でLooopしている。
Puppet show "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" broadcast in NHK the 80's That ED tune is looooping in my head from 2days ago.,.

I found it at Youtube, I put it here. you can listen it.

作曲:細野晴臣 歌:小池玉緒
Music- Haruomi Hosono, Vocal- Tamao Koike

今日は何回歌った事か…、イケテル アジアなメロディー・・・
Im singing it today a lot.
This is one of my favorite J-pop.. how nice this asian melody..


Friday, May 30, 2008

Nice day normal day, R san called to my mobile phone in morning time.
then we got meeting at Hermannplatz.

いつもの様に Rさんが電話をしてきて ハーマンプラッツで待ち合わせ。

then, we woundering around Kreuzberg and Neukoellen with a few purpose.


like this..

after finishing that purpose, we go to his store "Rumpsti Pumpsti".

目的の後 彼の店“ルンプスティ プンプスティ”へ。


Hof of his store..
(I could not make good photo of store today,.. bad technic.. fu... try it next day..)



then, customary storefront sunbathing.


wow, it is U-bahn(U1/Subway)! that runs on the ground. ;-)

地上を走っている地下鉄 U1!

then, blah blah- furahfurah- arah-- jah---

だらだら 話して 帰宅

then, back to home. and, I took this photo! ;-)


romantic! like birds! but its really bad photo technic..
ロマンチックー、鳥みたい! 手、震えるわぁー・・

oh, our purpose was - looking for magic tape mainly!
Magic tape it is!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Flying Swimming News!

I do label named Flying Swimming with friends since 2002.
also, we will have 3rd release in this summer.
we making serise "Composition", its always 3artist, like triple split CD style.


also we count those number by "i ro ha" song.

and, this time is "ro" as 2nd tittle of this serise.

Today, I went to licencer of picture for cover work for this CD.
That picture from Unica Zurn. she was partner and model
for Hans Bellmer. I love her feeling super much!

and, Musician for this "ro" are

Rashad Becker
from Berlin who is super nice sound mastering engineer,
also We are friend since 8years ago. he gave 6tracks for this project.

This 3artist on this project.
its coming up in end of July - early August 2008.
I want to keep writting information at this blog.

っと、やっと Flying Swimmingから新しいリリースを発表出来ます。

fs00004に続きfs00005 “Composition ろ”は

8年位 友達のスーパーマスタリングエンジニアのラシャード ベッカー さん

と、ラッセル ハズウェルさん、フローリアン ヘック さんの
ユニット ハズウェル&ヘッカーさん

イギリスの鬼才 電子音楽家 トレバー ウィッシュアートさん


CDジャケットはウニカ チェルン さんの絵を使わせてもらう事にしました。
僕は ウニカさんの絵も雰囲気も とっても大好きです。
販売店 等の情報はまた 後日,このブログでも 報告させて貰いまーす!
4649! aka best regards!

New Bike!

yes, I got new? old? bike! yahoo!!! 888888! wicked! from east germany!! nazi!!

そうなんです、中古の自転車を友達のStefanさんから売ってもらいました。 - Stefan さんの myspace をお知らせ!! 


photo= bike and my drawing on mattress.
写真= 自転車と描いてる途中の絵。

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I bought CAVIAR today. as 1st experience・・.
also, it might be bit more high price if i buy it in japan.. then.. i bought.
今日は安いキャビアを買ってみました。 初体験なので・・。
how to eat it...???

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

start blog!


ill try to start to write something around me and now, like diary.. humm.. possiblelele!?

色々 好きに 記していこうと思ってます。 続けてみるぞ! 続くぞ! 楽しみ!