Sunday, January 24, 2010


i went to Nara today, we ate UDON in the afternoon.
that restrant name is "Men tou an", its pretty famous restrant,
we also had to wait in the queues about 30min. and when we waiting in the queues,
i felt something on my right arm,..

hmm,.. what was that,.

then i check my right arm and, AND AND!!

there was Pigeon's excrement,. GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

... . . . . . . . . . . . . . pity...

this is that UDON which we ate today, its looks pretty ornigiral,
but, taste pretty normal. oh my god... what was that 30min in the queues..

but nice memory--- yeahhh-----

Nara is awesome....

今日は奈良に行った。 麺闘庵というまぁまぁ有名な饂飩屋に行った。
30分位列に並んだ、待っている間に、鳩に糞を右腕に落とされた。 最悪。



Friday, January 22, 2010


Important recordsが僕のデザインでステッカーを作ってくれています。
Important records making stickers by my design work.

btw つーか、,. thanks kouhei って... lol.. ウケル…

To receive both of our new stickers for 2010 send a S.A.S.E. to: Important / PO Box 1281/Newburyport, MA/01950 USA

宛名を書いた切手つき返信用封筒を添えてImportant / PO Box 1281/Newburyport, MA/01950 USAに手紙を送って下さい。

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ゾウとカバとサイ・Elephant and hippopotamus and rhino

seems they are good friend... i dont know exactry.. but,..
なんか、仲良さそうな気がする… 詳しくは知らないけど・・ なんか・・・

they are big body.., 皆、体が大きい…。

Friday, January 1, 2010

4releases from Important Records

New releases!!!

*mika vainio(pan sonic) /kouhei matsunaga /sean booth(autechre)
"3. telepathics meh in-sect connection" CD(imprec280)

*mika/kouhei "split" 12inch (imprec281)

both released in January!


*my solo "self V.A" CD (imprec282)

*NHK "Special" 12inch (imprec283)

both released in Feburary!!

.. thats a loooot! myamyamya~~~~
ミャミャミャミャ~~~ メッチャ出る~~~
T-shirtsやStickerもDesignしたから、coming up too~~♪

Thanks Important records!
lets check that all!!

also ill write those details when its released♪

Happy 2010!

今年は虎年だー! で、何..?
This year is Tiger year! then what..?

also, i could not meet new taste of foods last year...
hmm,. ah... 10years over from 2000... doesnt matter..



pic: Jakuchu-/若冲