Friday, December 26, 2008


I went to Dr near by my family house, I wanted show my nose etc,. but.. Dr is finished already..
お医者さん閉まってるしーーーーー あぁーーーー・・・・

風邪 Bad cold

ドイツにいる時は一回も風邪引いたことなかったのに… 家族もいるし気が緩んでしまっているのか、、
弱点でもある喉が痛い。 鼻水が出る、 辛ーーー

I got bad cold from yesterday, i didnt have it in germany.,. humm...
maybe here is family and i could have relax a lot then, blahblah.......
my weak point that throat are pain, also runny nose,. ugeeehh...--

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I bought this today.
Moving for only Up and Down...
only.. but,..
Ill enjoy this..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hospital and Tokyo

i went to hospital for my SHP yesterday.
that Dr said almost same things that German Dr said.
they said "just keep relax'.

humm.. sick!!

i go to tokyo now also ill meet my grand mother there(saitama).
tomorrow show at Daikanyama Unit.



今から東京行ってきます。 埼玉のおばあちゃんに会いに。

Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008


its japanessfull...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

upside down

day and night.

eh-----------! echt! already 2030!!

i have to clean up my room anyhow...



Friday, December 5, 2008


i went to mika vainio's place, he cooking something to me sometime.
was nice.

we listen to nhk together, and he likes it. thats nice.

ill go back to japan soon,. i cannot believe it..

今日はミカ ヴァイニオ宅で ディナー、 NHK 12inchを一緒に聴いた。
気に入ったよう。 ありゃ、踊ってたね。 ノッてたし*♪'

そろろろ//帰国。 信じられん・・・

Sunday, November 30, 2008



って、URL Katakanaやん!!! (copy&paste!)

 今さら もう普通か…

Katakana URL, its already usual stuff..


Today, I went to Free Market near by my house with King chan and Nashi chan from japan.
they staying berlin for a week. about free market there is nothing special for us.., but so fun.
because, we ate pretty many chocolate cake too. uhy---i!

特に何も無い・・・でーも、メチャ楽しい。 なぜなら、 チョコレートケーキも沢山食べたからでR。



a,  NHK CM すw

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flyer and part Maxell

Raster-noton japan tour's flyer.

いやぁー、 なんとも ラスターノートンなフライヤー。 チェキ!
あと、 MyspaceにNHKのMaxellという曲の Short EditバージョンをUpしたので

Friday, November 21, 2008


yoyo arrived to my hand. uhihi.

my yoyo name is g-spin. color is light blue.

ill trying.

when i gotta skill, i can make like this.. super..

Monday, November 17, 2008

NHK japan tour with raster-noton

raster-noton asia/japan touralva noto & anne james chaton, byetone, nibo, snd, nhk & pixel

dec 17, tokyo @ unit (tokyo)
dec 18, tokyo dj set's @ combine
dec 19, osaka@ sunsui
dec 20, nagoya @ live & lounge vio
dec 21, kyoto @ club metro


Friday, November 14, 2008

NHK/ raster-noton

ホイサ! NHK出まっせ!! やったね!
オフィシャル リリースは来週です。
ラスターノートン事務所は 何故か,けん玉ブームっぽい。

僕はヨーヨーブームさ。 今日、 オンラインバンキングでヨーヨー買いましたよー ;)

yeaaaaaah! yeiyei!!

NHK 12inch will coming up next week!! yahoo!! ;)

our catalog number ist 111 (unununium by latin counting way)

im happy .

also, im curious why they using latin counting way... maybe its difficult to pronunciation.. or?


i forgot to asking it to carsten today..


that raster-noton office seems KENDAMA boom somehow..

this also why? maybe because there is mr Nibo who work with raster-noton as he is japanese too.


its super funny and nice as i like it a lot ;)



i bought YOYO today by online. (thanks helping onling banking mr r.
i also made weird food for them tonight.,. friends said" its fine." but myself.,
its crooked..

also, i came back from paris this morning with rashad san.

paris was wickedness as well. i met Ghedalia Tazartes san, also Shigeo Goto san at paris photo.

and more more. thanks Satoko chan and Eric Cordier san. you are always nice.




Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lausanne/art brut collection

i went to lausanne casually.. as visiting friends there.
was thanks michael and hiroko chan.


im in paris now. i like paris pretty much. especial metro.


i made video from shows, but but but!

sounds was be too loud for my cheap digital camera..

and sounds tottally broken.. but,. maybe you can feel something...

but.. sounds tottally broken... gagagaga--- pusupusupusu..

ill up load when all photo/video arrived from spectre..

録音状態悪過ぎ…。 焦る・・・。 でも、 なんとなく盛り上がっているのは分かるはず。。


Saturday, November 8, 2008



そうでもないか… ;)

明日でツアーは終わり。in St Gall/Swiss。

焦る… ;)

i gotta bad cold now.,. jesus,. echt.,. die...
scary---.. !?
not really so.. ;)

tomorrow tour will be finish in St Gall/Swiss.

all great shows as curious.. echt.. ;)

oh.. really its a black metal feeling

ちなみに LinzはHitlerの生まれた町、Braunau am Innが近くにあるのね。
どうでもえぇけど。。 Doesnt matter..


Thursday, October 30, 2008

in brussell./studio ;)

i could not take photo much,.. too busy.. too speedy.. lol a lot.. ;)

still weird of my helth, but,. humm.. maybe i can forget it now somehow..

also here was spectre and beans(anti pop consortium) too.


next amsterdam..

also i want to write this tour dialy again when im back to berlin.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


so busy....

Friday, October 24, 2008

気合 kiai.!. hena-----m

now i came back from fabien raionbash's party. was fun.
also Antonie Chessex's live were nice.

yesyes, ill go on tour from tomorrow yes, its today. yahoo---!!
still securityhight p is weird,. but,. humm.. hope all will be cool..
tomorrow koln show.
looking forward to see them.

っと、 友達のパーティから今帰宅。
明日はケルン。 あ、もう今日だわ。

2年ぶりの再会。 果たしてセンセーショナルはEuropeに入国出来るのだろうか…。
楽しみ。 嬉しい!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

来週からのツアー、どうなる事やら…。 死ぬのかな? 
ま、 それはそれで仕方ないけど。 ふふw  

im taking antibiotic medz for over a month. because im in illness..
then my basic immunity going super down,
so, im pretty weak man now.. but, i have to go tour from next weekend,
so, maybe its make me dead,, ?
hehe, its hummhumm okok. because, everyday are fun to me. ;)

i was listening to w a mozart and f chopin yesterday. i really like it ;)

gya---------------- how much im afraid it!!!!



Saturday, October 11, 2008



Monday, October 6, 2008

asmus tietchens san

i went to asmus's concert last night with mr r, helena san, rashad san,
it was 4yrs long to meet him.
i met him 4,5yrs ago in humburg. we also did collaboration with y-ton-g.
i could not meet him after collaboration, then, yesterday was funny to meet him.

昨日 4,5年ぶりに アスムス さんに会った。彼のConcertがあったので、@ Electronic Charch.で。大分前ににコラボしたっきり会っていなかったので、久しぶりに会えて楽しかった。

its released from . russian label. monochrome vision.


well, he had black jacket as formal one, also nice design.he had put red can badge at near by neck on his jacket..fashionable person.. good stylish. i like it..

黒いジャケットの首袖の辺りに赤い缶バッチを付けてて オサレ爺なので 好きです。:)

Asmus san's HP -

was nice night..


Wednesday, October 1, 2008



might be slip and dropping..

Monday, September 29, 2008

suitable eyes

朝、 窓の方を見ると 雀 が居た。
一瞬 目が合った。
僕の顔を見ると 雀は 慌てた様に 飛び去っていった。

There was a sparrow in the morning when I saw the window.
each eyes momentarily.
When birds saw my face, the sparrow flew as having panicked and left.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i made e-flyer E-フライヤー

kowai kana...


still in illness..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



looks somehow they are relaed.,.
just looks..


Friday, September 19, 2008

tomorrow event in berlin @ CHB

Suddenly live performance! yesyesyes.

> Tim Exile>Koyxen> Helena Gough> Dalglish Kruburn> Omnilemma> Pocket Niko> THE Instrument> DJ Taylor Savvy

21:00pm, the .CHB Gallery at Karl Liebknecht Str. 9

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wordsound EU Falling Fall Tour 2008!! *;'!

CrooklynのWordsoundのSpectreさん :) と Sensationalさん の3人で 
このAutum にTourする事になった*;'☆♪

僕等のScheduleは 僕の Myspaceで

ScheduleはMaybe some a few more.,.

Wordsound HP:

FotoはToshio Munehiroが撮りました。
この 感じは・・・Whats atomospher...koe---- & lol...

Lets come to our show! (yea! whats i saying... 是非来てください!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


jesus,. im having sickness at my security high part.,. super serious nervous time now, man..
and 5birds are coming to me. its pride. and so sweet chan! ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lorq Damon

友達のMr Rさんの店で買った Lorq Damon デーモン!? さんの1974年の作品。
ってか、 ここ最近のMyヒット。w 良い感じ。
I bought Lorq Damon's works at rumpsti pumsti. Mr Lorq recommended to listen it
between 22pm-2am as best time to listen that he said..
very much my type. i like it! ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


in midnight, paul pm are visiting me, now he sleeping on my bed..



Tuesday, September 2, 2008


was amazing..

photo: gintas k

Friday, August 29, 2008

納豆 natto

i ate.


also curry snack too.



Thursday, August 28, 2008

明日 raster noton night @ nbi/berlin

明日 急遽 ラスター ノトン ナイトに 参加することになった。
as suddenly, i gonna join to raster noton night tomorrow.
what should i do... hummm..

また写真 Upします。

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

凸 凹 web

靴職人の友達の Webサイトを 作った。
見て見てー 可愛い感じの 靴 達。。

i made shoes maker friend's web site.
look look please- cute style ;) aha-

Monday, August 25, 2008

funyu---... poki,/ paraparapara---


最悪。。 再発行してもらおうっと♪

ah... my bank card is broken by my hip. sehr schade..

i have to make new card again.. NEW ♪

さっき夜食を食べに クロイツバーガーというハンバーガー屋に行った。

見知らぬ人が、”そのポテト食べて良い?”とたずねて来たので 僕は”いいよ”と言った。

で、 彼は 僕の ポテトを食べました。(全部じゃないけど、

now i came back from Humburger shop Kreuzburger.

some strange guy came to us and asked to eating pommes, and i said{yes. then

he ate my pommes..(not all,




this is digital diary! ;)
Painting from osaka. named Hanabusa Itcho as i like..
i like that his lost article on beach.. beach?
この絵は 大阪出身の画家 英一蝶さんの 作品。
何か 焦って 落し物をしているのが好き

Saturday, August 16, 2008

moving again

というわけで また引越し。 早Only 45days in boxhagenerstr..
then, now my room on top of bld. yea!
んで、最上階。 良い気分。w

and here is steve heatsick's flat. as he also musician. they nice one. as i like.
この家は友達のSteveくんの家です。 次のツアーまでここにいる予定。

aahahhahha actually im using to same internet power with mr r now. often..
・・・実は、この家はMr Rさんと同じ建物の同じ階なのです。 He is so near.. lol ...
almost nothing. we. huhu
a! will remind it.

and thanks to Alex blackmetal feeling and Lotteria and Panzy(neko) chan?
for all. ブラックメタル フィーリングというNew Unitを始めました。 友人のアレックスと。


Friday, August 15, 2008

Riga/ Latvia


Monday, August 11, 2008

夜 night

in berlin, there is a lot of place that is super darkness.
no light, its big city. maybe lgith is not enought..
and its super coolness as darkness.

ベルリン = 暗い場所 多し, メチャ良い、メチャ好き。 受動的になる。

i like it a lot, because its just cool as i feel also always i could have passive sense.

i feel warm with it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


今日は日曜日。 起きたら21時。 あっはっは。
today is Sunday, 21pm when i waked., ahhahha. ;)

写真は 野菜バーガー。
It is Vegetable style.

Kutzkelina&the devil の ライブ

へ 行ってきた。 at TiergardenKutzkelina aka doreen aka doddo? are jodel singer. very nice one. jodelllliiiii hyo-----n

also girlfriend of mr R橋san.



photo; mr R橋

Friday, August 8, 2008

nice night

i was be outside bar in the night with friends.
i liked that green lighting., green is not uneasiness color to me now..
Good weather 良い天気。

Sudden InfantのJoke。 Too dark but, i could see you. 。


で、起きたらラトビア人からスカイプ。 今月末リガでライブすることになった。

then, when i waked up, Latvian guy were skype me, ill go to Riga in end of this month.

i never go there- - -.,行った事無いし= wah---


sommer ist langsam.. boh....ahh-


Monday, August 4, 2008

new track at myspace.

i made it!

NHK / Raster-Noton

one of my unit NHK(me and Toshio Munehiro) will make release 12inch from Raster-Noton on
Oct 2008!

僕と親友のムネヒロ君の2人からなるユニット NHK の作品がリリースされちゃいまっす。



Ill keep writting about it @ this blog too!

Raster noton は Carsten Nicolai さん 等 による GermanyのLabelです。ベルリンです。デス。

;) ニャハハハー

Sunday, August 3, 2008


wow, this 2days are something academic feeling days.. e? i dont know it..
yes, just casually. hehhehhe hahhahha fuffuffu.
この2日間続けて アカデミックな 雰囲気。 なんとなく。
today, i went to CHRISTINA KUBISCH san's house for eating BBQ! yes!
was nice! thanks Mr R aka Raionbashi san for invite me! ;)
She is such as important musician from germany as really beautiful soundings.
chk out the web site!

ドイツを代表する女性音楽家クリスティーナ クービッシュさん宅での BBQ に誘われたので行っちゃった。

マジで良い感じの家と庭。 家と庭 で 家庭。 ワーォ!
really nice feeling house and garden.. wow chan.. there is a lot of home made fruit and vegitables..

She also her hasband are really wickedness nice feeling as i felt so..
彼女とその旦那さんも 超イケイケナイスフィーリング

Happy to feel it,. you know.. ;) danke sehr!!

Mr Trevor Wishart

ベルリン技術大学 でレクチャーがあったトレバー氏の 今日は彼のコンサートだったので行って来た。
I went to Trevor's super very short concert today at TU Berlin with Mr R.

I also had camera today, then I gonna write this too..

やっと会えた。。 Fainally we can meet up! wow chan.

メチャ良い感じの人。 好き好きーフィーリング。;) He is really nice feeling. i love it!

本当に会えて嬉しいです。 Im so much glad to meet him


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

掻揚げ天麩羅 Tempurrra--

I made tempura last weekend at Mr R's place.
先週末 僕は天麩羅を作りました。

kakiage tempura! version Vegan!

掻揚げ天麩羅だ! ベガン バージョンさ!

来ていた友達達は みんな喜んでくれたので、 嬉しかった。 ニャハハ

Everybody who came there were fine with it, then im happy with it!




<- div="" ja="">

all photo by hiroko sato-

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Telephatic collaboration 2

そういえばぁー 2days ago また telephatic collaboration しました。
今回はSwedenの Leif Elggren san. only for 3min.

was fun.

also, Im almost finishing to mixing of Mika Vainio san and Sean Booth san's stuff too.

ill writting whats going on with it.

also Leif Elggren san is actually KING san for KREV.

Actually, Im Prince of Osaka for Elgaland Vargaland.
実は,僕はこのエルガランド バルガランド国の 大阪代表 王子です。

hahaha-nn, puripuri pu---n

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

from Lausanne

my friend Michel Pennec aka MOJU san and his girl friend Hiroko chan
are visiting to berlin this week.
today we went to drink at Mysliwska .. e? is this right spelling??

今日は友達のミッシェル AKA 盲獣さん とその彼女Hirokoちゃんと Mr RとMr Cとで良く行くバーに行った。

Berlinは夜9時でも明るい。 outside is still lighting as well as 9pm..