Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NHK YouTube Paris

この間のParisのNHK Live動画。

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Madrid, Paris, London

robert brown (autechre) were visiting to our show in london. wicked ness.
mr lee (cyrk)and donna chan, gas san, Oli(good luck with livvvr chan?) are super sweetness. and makino sama, pato, roc eovl, benjamiiiin, wounderful cool.
i had mad/cool experience 6yrs bfr at immigration gate, but, all cool london now. wow.
paris is paris. rashad becker were coming at same time, we got interview from radio there.
(fred sama.), oliver, felix, nicola, urika, jim, beronica chan and aki chan to satoko sama and laura, could not meet tazartez dono this time.. there..
and madrid, i could meet bosch's garden of delight, its already inside, and wowwow cool.
jose san was cool feeling also The Field peole are lol...and potofu sama and toshio chama.
i met many people.,.kisskiss *3*)/ kya---

nhk at la casa fest/madrid,
photo by potofu