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Recent/最近友達が撮ってくれた写真 pic from friends _ vol.1

AOKI Takamasa くん

Kennichi Sugimoto san

Krube. san

AOKI's pictures with great soft color, mmm, super!
also NHK xy looks cool with Kenichi's one. and Krube...bebebe--.... nyarome!
thank you very much!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

マルセイユの日々・Marseile days

Marseile 8days はSuper coolness topfull timeだった.
Thanks Oliviererviervier&Punyu, and Damian and Le'mbobineuse crew!!!
you are super french wicked impress, toutafe (spelling..???)


で、 よく通ったSunday morning。

After Marseile, my flight Nice-Berlin was cancelled by technical problem.,
then i stay at hotel in Nice was Nice hotel... :)

ル・コルビュジエ/Le Corbusier. ユニテ・ダビタシオン/Unité d'Habitation

普 遍的なゆとりが全てのディテールの中に品のあるタイミングと共存していて、豊かな遊び心を感じさせる。 スゲーー感動した。
写真、めっちゃ撮って しまった・・・ (焦

one of my favorit architecture "Le Corbusier", and his work Unite Dabitacion is in Marseile.
this is 6times to be in Marseile to me, but never had chance to seeing this,
was really fantastic impressive time for me.
there is great balanced those details with intence timing could make beautiful space as great harmonic.. so nice...

there is some of his artwork which remaind me that he wanted be a painter before to be architecture.