Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sensational meets Koyxen on Skam Records

Sensational meets Koyxen = Sensational meets Kouhei vol.2
will released from Skam Records/UK on 6th December 2010!!!
12月6日にリリースされるSensational meets Koyxen。要チェック!

vol.1も チェックしてねー (click)

i will mention this at here when its coming up!! exciting!!!
SKAMやーーー!! イェーーーイ!!

(SKAM Records will make 2tittles of my/our music, and this is the 1st one.
2nd one is planed coming up by early next year! its SOLO)



Marcolour said...

Can't wait for this! Vol.1 was awesome. Any chance of live dates in the UK next year?

Keep up the good work Kouhei!

koyxeи said...

me too!
also perhaps,. now my agent are trying to make it happen there too..,


Anonymous said...


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T.yst.r said...

I enjoyed volume 1 as well. I actually bought it for the Autechre remix, but the album itself is just fantastic. I'm not that much in to hiphop, but stuff like that really does it for me. Love your artwork too, by the way!

Come by Antwerp too if you can :)

Keep it up!

koyxeи said...

yea want to come over to the antwerp! i have a great feeling for there as many greatest artist like Peter Paul Rubens also,. :)

T.yst.r said...

Wow, such worldly knowledge! :)

If you're interested in architecture, be sure to check out Victor Horta and Paul Hankar. They were Belgian art nouveau architects and have made some wonderful buildings (most of them in the Brussels area). Ofcourse, you'd have to like art nouveau...

koyxeи said...

i seee, yea, i knew those people as i studied it,. also famous art nouveau people..nice, thanks!

Niko said...

Hi Kouhei, great news! Congratulations!
All the best

koyxeи said...

Hey Niko! Cold finland? hope to see you next year!

Kiri said...

Purchase かっちゃった。

Perfect Pair


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ev said...


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