Sunday, August 3, 2008


wow, this 2days are something academic feeling days.. e? i dont know it..
yes, just casually. hehhehhe hahhahha fuffuffu.
この2日間続けて アカデミックな 雰囲気。 なんとなく。
today, i went to CHRISTINA KUBISCH san's house for eating BBQ! yes!
was nice! thanks Mr R aka Raionbashi san for invite me! ;)
She is such as important musician from germany as really beautiful soundings.
chk out the web site!

ドイツを代表する女性音楽家クリスティーナ クービッシュさん宅での BBQ に誘われたので行っちゃった。

マジで良い感じの家と庭。 家と庭 で 家庭。 ワーォ!
really nice feeling house and garden.. wow chan.. there is a lot of home made fruit and vegitables..

She also her hasband are really wickedness nice feeling as i felt so..
彼女とその旦那さんも 超イケイケナイスフィーリング

Happy to feel it,. you know.. ;) danke sehr!!