Friday, November 14, 2008

NHK/ raster-noton

ホイサ! NHK出まっせ!! やったね!
オフィシャル リリースは来週です。
ラスターノートン事務所は 何故か,けん玉ブームっぽい。

僕はヨーヨーブームさ。 今日、 オンラインバンキングでヨーヨー買いましたよー ;)

yeaaaaaah! yeiyei!!

NHK 12inch will coming up next week!! yahoo!! ;)

our catalog number ist 111 (unununium by latin counting way)

im happy .

also, im curious why they using latin counting way... maybe its difficult to pronunciation.. or?


i forgot to asking it to carsten today..


that raster-noton office seems KENDAMA boom somehow..

this also why? maybe because there is mr Nibo who work with raster-noton as he is japanese too.


its super funny and nice as i like it a lot ;)



i bought YOYO today by online. (thanks helping onling banking mr r.
i also made weird food for them tonight.,. friends said" its fine." but myself.,
its crooked..

also, i came back from paris this morning with rashad san.

paris was wickedness as well. i met Ghedalia Tazartes san, also Shigeo Goto san at paris photo.

and more more. thanks Satoko chan and Eric Cordier san. you are always nice.